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About KLEAN - PREP® Key Features


  • offers good bowel preparation.
  • gives fewer side effects, especially when compared with Picolax (stimulant preparation), among market leaders.
  • is safe. It can be used in patients with renal, hepatic, cardiac problems and in the elderly.
  • does not dehydrate or over-hydrate. It is osmotically balanced.
  • does not cause flatulence. As PEG is a non-degradable preparation, it cannot be broken down by colonic bacteria and does not produce ignitable gases.
  • is fast acting. Patients can eat up to 3 hours before its administration.
  • is cost-effective. Saving hospital bed-space, nursing time, specialist time and repeated preparations.
  • is excellent in emergency use.
  • has an improved taste given by appropriate flavouring agents.

Plenty of clinical data is available on PEG + E solutions.


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